Tips for Buying a Used Vehicle

Have you ever considered that buying a used car may be more beneficial? Most people think that if you’re going to buy a car, it should be new. You’ll get more mileage and warranty savings, according to some drivers. However, what if you purchased a used car that was just one or two years old? You’d still get all of the value that comes with a new car, as well as the factory warranty features as well.

Most people don’t realize that you can save thousands of dollars with a used car just by buying within these parameters:
  • Find a used car that has 30,000 miles or below. You’ll get the most use out of the warranty without too much wear on the engine.
  • Purchase a used vehicle that’s certified and has a clean CarFax. These vehicles are going to offer the most value in terms of service visits.
  • Look at cars that are within one to three years of the current model range for the most options and value. You’ll get more technology out of these models.
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